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Hi there from The Netherlands!

Photography has been an important part in my life. Always busy delving into photography techniques and try them out. However, I always wondered what I should do with the end result. I wanted that my photographs could be useful apart from hanging on the wall. Two years ago I stepped into the world of stock photography and my question was answered: this is what I want to do. With great attention to detail and perfection take photos that the customer can use. So meanwhile, one part of my job is making creative photos and the other part is working in the healthcare IT.

Entering into the world of stock agencies was a first start, but directly market it to you as a buyer is my next step.  My prices are competitive because there’s no agency between: you buy directly from the photographer. There are no subscriptions or credits to purchase, you pay only for the images you need!

Me in action :-)

Me in action :-)


Smart ideas = EggHeadStock

My portfolio is a wide range of studio shots as well as outdoors because useful stock ideas are everywhere and always to find!
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.




One thought on “About EggHeadStock

  1. Hoi Elian,

    Wist niet dat we op twee fronten collega’s waren. (Zag je op LinkedIn voorbij komen) En bij ZGG en als fotograaf. Leuk hoor! Wil je nog wel eens over de stockfotografie horen. Ik zit bij Nature in Stock. Maar ben te druk om te taggen en te labelen.



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